Passionate about comedy and filmmaking, we have the ability to write and produce highly engaging videos for your brand. Our goal is to deliver a video with viral potential to help your company get the reach it deserves. We can work with you in a number of ways, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

A few examples



A start-up, ‘ThatThing!’, commissioned us to create a video to spearhead the launch campaign of their new beer gadget.

The video went viral on our YouTube channel, receiving 500,000 views. LADBible then featured it, where it went on to receive a further 11m views, 61k comments and 51k shares.

RedBrick Bills

We produced this comedy advert for the start-up Redbrick Bills in partnership with the large Facebook page Student Problems. The aim was to show how their services can solve a common problem for housemates in a comedic way.

The video received 500,000 views.

BBC Three

As part of BBC Three’s ‘Quickies’ series, we were commissioned to write and produce two comedy sketches.

This particular video received 1.5 million views, 6.8k comments and 1.1k shares on Facebook.

Ideal Flatmate

Teaming up with Ideal Flatmate, a London-based start-up, we produced a series of four adverts promoting their service, including this sketch about passive-aggressive flatmates.

The overall campaign was seen by 100k people on our YouTube channel, and 300k on our Facebook page.


Oddschecker tasked us with writing and producing a video to create awareness for the upcoming Cheltenham Festival and drive people to their website.

When posted on their Facebook page, it was one of their highest performing videos, gaining 190k views, 2.7k comments and 620 shares.



BBC Comedy

BBC Comedy commissioned us to write and produce two videos for their online series 'Days of The Year'.

The two videos performed well on their Facebook page, both getting over a million views with very high engagement.