Third Leg Studios

Third Leg Studios: Out Of Control

Disaster has struck Third Leg Studios and it could not have come at a worse time. It seemed like nothing could impede the momentum of the Third Leg steam train as it roared through YouTube, racking up views like nobody’s business. Like a raging bull in an antique china shop the boys were absolutely smashing it. But then, the inevitable happened.

It was only a matter of time before all those views and 45 subscribers went to their heads. Joel’s ego was the first to escalate out of control. A victim of fame he began refusing to eat anything that wasn’t cut into bite-sized portions and fed directly into his mouth. He was hospitalised two weeks later after his Nan grew bored of feeding him.

A big star now, Tel became vain and self obsessed. He would spend hours looking at himself in the mirror stroking his pathetically hairless cheeks, whispering to himself seductively, “you’re a star boy, you’re a star” over and over again, occasionally giving his reflection a playful lick. Whelan, usually the voice of reason, was unable to salvage the situation after he himself was incarcerated. After being told that he could not skip the queue at Potty Pancakes in Shoreditch, Whelan became incensed and the police arrived to find him manic, screaming at the pancake vendor “Don’t you know who I am?! For the love of Christ why doesn’t anybody know who I am?!”

Needless to say this unembellished story explains the recent lack of activity from the boys. However, it is the dawn of a new year and the boys are back on track. They have even set up a personalised Twitter account. So if you thought that they were on a rampage before then imagine what havoc they will wreak with 15 loyal followers behind them. Stand aside 2015, Third Leg are back in business!

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