Third Leg Studios

Third Leg Studios: Onwards and Upwards

It is that time again. The boys at third leg studios are taking some time to bask in the adoration of their fans and critics. It has been a few days since the successful release of their latest production, “The Prank”.

The TLS boys are remarkably modest and only said that they were pleased with their production as a work of art in itself. However, I have heard that Tel’s dad, brother and his friend Dave have all given extremely positive feedback. An unequivocally excellent result!

Many now cannot help but ask the question, what is next for third leg studios? So far, they have made wonderfully insightful observations into society, challenged norms and explored the very depths of the human soul. But how will they continue to push the boat out? Some have expressed doubts that TLS will be able to push barriers any further without becoming too controversial.

When asked to comment on this during a recent brain storming session Whelan, seemingly startled, had this to say, “What!! Don’t let the cat grab the milk!!” Before closing his eyes again, pulling his blanket tighter around him and returning to the brainstorm from which the boys take little respite.

Was Whelan talking incoherently as a result of having had his focus broken? Or maybe, just maybe, he was making an abstract comment revealing the nature of an upcoming production. I suppose only time will tell.

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