Third Leg Studios

Third Leg Studios: Cause for Concern

There has been much speculation as to the cause of Third Leg’s recent inactivity. I, personally, have been inundated with queries as to their whereabouts and why so much time has elapsed since their last production.

Certain critics, such as The Times, have accused Third Leg of being all washed up. They have proposed and I quote, “that they have had their blaze of glory and it is now apparent that their moment of fame was just a fluke”.

Troubling stuff. However, I am writing this entry to dispel such rumours and reassure the general public that you have not heard the last from those boys at Third Leg Studios. So, what are they doing? Are they filming another production? Are they in Joel’s Nan’s living room right now, editing as we speak?

It may or may not surprise you to learn that the answer is, in fact, none of the above. Like all creative geniuses, the boys’ metabolisms slow down rapidly during the summer months and so they have been hibernating at Joel’s Nan’s house until the climate cools again. Burning only one calorie a week the three boys lie on Nan’s two-man reclining sofa, wrapped under one pink woolly blanket, seemingly bereft of life.

However, I shall reiterate, fear not. They are fed bi-weekly by Joel’s Nan who wakes them for the briefest of moments, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, when she feeds them Ribena juice boxes through those little straws that they come with. And so, sustained and nourished solely by delicious blackcurrant juice, the boys lie dormant.

However, I have been among Third Leg Studios for a few months now and I am starting to realise that their actions can never be taken at face value. Their mysterious nature confounds me. Time and time again they have made it apparent that all is not as it seems. Which, in a way, fills me with excitement since I cannot help but ask the question that we are all thinking: “Are they hibernating? Or, are they brainstorming?”

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