Third Leg Studios

Third Leg Studios: After Dark

Another eventful day at TLS headquarters. The staff have been running around like headless chickens. It is the eve of the release of another production and there is much to be done.

Whelan stands at the head of the editing team and drives the process forward with a regimented discipline that would make even the most callous slave-master shudder. His work space is littered with empty Ribena juice boxes and it is clear by his trembling hands that he has had too many. However, it is a stressful industry and we must take whatever supplements necessary to boost our productivity. How else are we to make our deadlines?

Meanwhile, Joel and Tel are equally hard at work. Wrapped up in one big pink woolly blanket on Nan’s reclining sofa, Joel and Tel viciously brainstorm ideas for another production. You see, quick turnaround is everything in this industry and the end of one production does not mean a break (as you may have thought), it simply emphasises the urgency to have another sketch in the pipeline if we are to stay ahead of our closest rivals (the College Humour channel).

A bead of sweat breaks down Tel’s head as his mind whirls and sifts ideas with the utmost voracity. Joel unleashes what could easily be mistaken for a snore, but what the TLS boys instantly recognise as a grunt of effort. The two of them appear to look so peaceful, wrapped up together. No-one would know to look at them that these are two heterosexual creative geniuses. No-one but Whelan, who glances over and gives a nod of approval at his hard working compatriots.

Meanwhile, the catering staff are hard at work. Slaving away in the hot kitchen. Like the coal shovellers in the engine room of a racing steam train, the catering team fuel the rampant machine that is Third Leg Studios. I wonder what Nana is cooking for dinner?

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