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That Mate Who Thinks He’s Bigger Than He Is


The cost of delusion

Buying People Presents That Are Really For Yourself


You’re Not Depressed

The Passive Aggressive Flatmate

When you see the dreaded post-it note...

That Flatmate Who Always Gets The Bathroom Floor Wet

It really shouldn't be this difficult...

That Mate Who’s Always Making A Mess

There really is nothing you can do...

That Mate Who Always Steals Your Things

The difficulties of living with a flatmate who has sticky fingers…

That Mate Who Never Comes Out

There's always one person who absolutely loves to sack things off.

London Prices – This Is Getting Ridiculous


But seriously though, this has to stop.

Fighting FOMO


Missing a night out - what's the worst that can happen?

The Typical Marathon Runner

You've got to be a certain kind of person.

Breaking Up On April Fools

I'm not falling for that one...

A sketch we made with BBC Comedy